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Live next to a busy road or have noisy neighbours? We know how frustrating it can be to have a lovely outdoor space that you just can’t relax in because of noise! At Securafen, our acoustic fencing significantly reduces noise pollution above standard fencing. Specially designed to absorb vibrations and deaden noise – allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space once again.

There are two main types of acoustic fencing available on today’s market. Those being absorptive and reflective. As the names suggest, one acts to absorb noise and deaden sound – the other – reflecting sound back on to roadways. If you’re unsure which may be the best fit for your fencing then please get in touch for advice.

Highway Fencing

Specialist highway fencing acoustic barriers are for heavy duty use right across the UK’s motorways and roads. Often treated timber, the thickness and height of each panel and post is considerably more than standard fencing, and often made from a far denser timber material. This allows the panels to reflect and absorb as much noise as possible from roadways to help reduce noise pollution in built up areas. It can also be used to protect wildlife reservations from nearby road noise.

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Our acoustic fences and acoustic products reduce the level of noise to protect the environment of wildlife and humans. Our absorptive layer of wooden fence panels and timber posts are priced competitively and installe professionally by our team of fence experts throughout the UK.

Trusted by clients across all industries

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With extensive industry experience and practical expertise, we’re able to install almost every type of perimeter fencing and security fencing product. We use premium products and skilled installers to complete our fencing works to the highest standards.

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Anti-ram barriers with 1400m of 656mesh fence line installed on time and to specification. A very efficient company to do business with.

M. Walker

Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value.

D. Atter

Simtec Solutions Ltd have worked with Securafen for 15+ years and always found them to be very accommodating to client requirements and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.

Simtec Solutions Ltd

Thank you and your team for the outstanding level of work and professionalism you afforded me when asked to assist in a high spec security installation within Grantham. Please thank the team for their work efforts, a true credit to your company.

EOS Security

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