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Our team of palisade security fence installers ensure the integrity of your fence isn’t undermined by poor workmanship and shoddy fixtures. With over 40+ years experience in installing security fences, we can secure any weak point to deter even the most agile of intruders. Choose us here at SecuraFen for palisade security fencing in your area.

Palisade fencing is preferred for its very high level of security at an affordable cost. It is recommended for standard and medium-security fencing applications for use right across commercial industries. Prices for this type of fencing can depend on whether you’d like a powder-coated finish or left galvanised, or depending on the ground conditions of the dig.

Palisade security fencing provides a very effective level of protection at a reasonable price and is usually regarded as the most cost-effective fence solution in security fencing. Primarily, the fencing is made from only 2 horizontal rows across any panel – with majority of the structure made up of vertical bars tipped with a spike for extra protection. Additionally, palisade fencing is generally galvanised to BS729, providing long term weather resistance and long-lasting protection.

Suitable for a range of commercial premises, get in touch with us to find out more about our palisade security fencing solutions.

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Trusted by clients across all industries

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Our quality palisade fencing is installed by our team of palisade experts. With the correct fixings, and wide range of styles our palisade security fencing comes in, why not get in touch today? We work throughout the UK. Whether you need a 1 panel or 20 bays of palisade, we install professionally to the highest standards. Palisade security fencing is made of tall vertical rails using cut into triple spikes on top as a visual deterrent.

Trusted by clients across all industries

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With extensive industry experience and practical expertise, we’re able to install almost every type of perimeter fencing and security fencing product. We use premium products and skilled installers to complete our fencing works to the highest standards.

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Anti-ram barriers with 1400m of 656mesh fence line installed on time and to specification. A very efficient company to do business with.

M. Walker

Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value.

D. Atter

Simtec Solutions Ltd have worked with Securafen for 15+ years and always found them to be very accommodating to client requirements and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.

Simtec Solutions Ltd

Thank you and your team for the outstanding level of work and professionalism you afforded me when asked to assist in a high spec security installation within Grantham. Please thank the team for their work efforts, a true credit to your company.

EOS Security

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