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At SecuraFen we offer a wide range of fencing panels available for a variety of commercial, industrial and domestic uses. Whether you’re looking for a simple garden fence, trusted steel palisade fencing to protect your business from theft, or even a more complicated electric fence security system to deter intruders and keep livestock safe, we have a range of safe, durable and weather resistant fencing supplies available.

With our expert advice and information to guide you through the details of each unique fence panel, it’s easy to choose the perfect perimeter fence suited to your needs. Take a look at the different types of metal and wooden fencing we offer below to help you choose the right fencing panels for your property.


Along with our range of timber and steel fencing solutions, we also offer a wide range of metal and wooden gates designed to compliment any style of fence. From traditional wooden garden gates to automated electric gates which can be opened remotely, we have high-quality, premium timber and metal gates available to suit the needs of you and your property.

Securafen’s range of metal security and entrance gates are also designed to be low-maintenance and come in many finishing options to meet the design of your existing gates. Offering privacy and security while making your property look good, browse our range of garden, driveway and outdoor gates below!

Barriers and Parking Control

If you’re looking to get parking bollards, retractable security posts or parking barriers installed on your property, take a look at our range of security and parking control services today! SecuraFen’s expert installers are experienced in the installation of traffic bollards to ensure you receive a hassle-free, excellent quality service every time.

We offer a range of semi-automatic telescopic bollards, removable parking posts and fold down bollards, so whatever parking barrier you require we’re here to help. Monitor every vehicle that enters and exits your designated car parking area to ensure security on your property. Controlling movements on your site has never been easier with our automatic and key activated rising bollard system.

Find out more about our parking barriers and bollard installation services below, or contact a member of our team to find out more!


Keep your commercial or industrial property safe with our high-security fencing and turnstile gate solutions which help you to provide protection against intruders while controlling who enters and exits the building.

Our high security fencing services include welded wire mesh fencing, steel palisade and Paramesh 656 security fencing panels. All of our security fencing solutions are designed to be anti-climb, durable and vandalism resistant to keep you safer for longer. SecuraFen’s perimeter security fencing solutions are suitable for schools, office buildings, local shops, supermarkets, hospitals, construction sites and any other commercial or industrial properties who want to protect against danger.

The option for an extra security turnstile on your property instead of a security gate allows you to monitor every person who has access to the building and restricts access to those who aren’t authorised. With anti-tailgating technology and the option for a range of colours and finishes to match your security fence, our turnstiles are the perfect solution for any commercial, government or industrial customers.

Don’t leave your property in danger, call a member of our team to have a long-lasting, high security fence and turnstile solution installed on your property today, or read about our services below to find out more!